BBPLegal is part of “AEA“, an international network of law firms with offices all over the world. Such network covers the 193 countries that are part of the United Nations plus Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine. No network of lawyers covers as many countries. The network was born in the European Union and over time has spread to all the other countries of the world, starting from the countries of the European territory which are not part of the European Union and continuing with most of the countries of America, Asia and Africa.

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BBPLegal also adheres to E-legalnet, network (hereinafter the “Network”) of Italian law firms founded in December 2004 from the collaboration of some professionals holding legal firms in Naples, Padua, Palermo, Pisa, Rome and Turin.

In a short time, the Network has expanded on the national territory adding the main Italian cities.

The aim of the Network is to offer customers a more efficient assistance throughout the national and international territory, and specialized skills in the various areas of law.

B.I.L.A. is a lively association mainly composed of English Solicitors and Barristers (and some Magistrates) and Italian Lawyers, having in common the interest in Italian-English laws and culture, which organizes seminars, round tables and meetings between professional lawyers of various sectors.