1. Definitions and Recitals
  2. Terms of data performance
  3. Consequences of refusal
  1. DEFINITIONS AND RECITALS1.1 The following expressions conventionally indicated with the capital letter (be they singular or plural) have the following meaning:
    • Website: Internet site accessible at the URL:, whose domain name is owned by the Owner (as defined below);
    • Professionals: lawyers and their collaborators, trainees, practitioners, who are part of Studio BBPLegal, whose complete list and personal data can be consulted on the Site on the “About Us” page;
    • Owner: Mr. Giampaolo Benedetti Pearson, domiciled in 56021 Cascina (Pisa), Corso Matteotti n. 16;
    • User: any person who browses the Site;
    • Cookies: means a text file composed of a single line, which can be temporarily stored in the memory of the Users’ computer (“session” or “temporary” cookie) and positioned on the hard drive via a web page server (“long-term” cookies);
    • Data: anonymous user navigation data, specified below;
    • Google Analytics: web analytics service provided by Google Inc.
  2. TERMS OF DATA PERFORMANCE 2.1. Long-term cookies are not used on the Website, because it does not allow authentication, sale, or other activities for the personalization of information offered to users.
Cookie name Duration Description
JSessionID Browser end of session This cookie is used to determine the session of user navigation
wrCookieAuth Browser end of session This cookie is used to manage the displayof the cookie information message

2.3.The Website uses the following temporary session card holder cookies:

Cookie name Duration Description
__utma 2 years This cookie is used to determine visitors unique to our site and is updated to every page view
__utmb 30 minutes This cookie is used to establish and continue a user session with the site.
__utmc Browser end of session This cookie is no longer used by the code tracing ga.js to determine the status of the session.
Historically, this cookie worked in conjunction with the __utmb cookie to determine whether or not to start one new session for the user. Still active for the retrospective compatibility.
__utmz 6 months This cookie stores the type of reference used by the visitor to reach the Website, either methodically direct, a reference link, a search engine, or an advertising campaign like an advertisement or a link to an email. It is used to calculate traffic of the search engine, advertising campaigns and the page navigation within the Website.

2.4. Session cookies are used to allow efficient browsing of the Website: to determine the browsing session and to manage the display of the cookie information message and the user’s choice. Furthermore, the Data generated by Cookies are used by the Owner and by the persons in charge of processing, as identified in the Privacy Policy, as tools to assist in the analysis and internal monitoring of traffic generated by Users (in particular, accesses and pages visited) and in order to be able to make improvements in terms of operation, navigation and provision of any services.

2.5. Session cookies are strictly limited to the transmission of common session identification data consisting of random numbers generated by the server that do not allow any personal identification of the individual users. Using the Google Analytics Cookies, the following Data are processed anonymously, without the direct acquisition of personal identification data of the Users: IP address (which also allows geolocation), time and origin of visits, any previous visits by of the same Users and other parameters relating to the operating system, the IT environment and the devices used by the Users.

2.6. Session cookies are not stored permanently on the Users’ computer and disappear when the browser is closed. The data generated by Google Analytics are stored by Google.

2.7. The Owner undertakes to use the Data generated by Cookies exclusively for the purposes indicated above. The Owner is not responsible for the processing of data by Google with the system described above, limiting itself to taking note of the assurances provided by the same, which complies with the provisions relating to the data protection of ‘Safe Harbor Principles’ and participates in the ‘Safe Harbor’ program ‘of the American Ministry of Commerce. The data generated by cookies about the use of the site by the user (including the IP address) is transmitted and stored on Google’s servers. Google uses this data to analyze the browsing habits of the site and to provide the owner with reports on visits to the site. Google can also transfer this information to third parties where this is required by law or where such third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. To consult the privacy policy of the Google company, relating to the Google Analytics service, we recommend that you visit the site: To learn about Google’s privacy policies, please visit the site: Without prejudice to the obligations provided for by the national law against the Data Controller, Google, as an independent data controller, is solely and exclusively responsible (civilly and criminally) for processing the Data through the aforementioned system.


3.1. In order to refuse the use of Google Analytics Cookies, users must modify their browser configuration by downloading the Google Analytics JavaScript deactivation add-on (ga.js, analytics.js, dc.js). Disabling Google Analytics cookies does not significantly limit the usability of the site, but hinders the Owner in pursuing the aforementioned purpose.


(Last update: February 2019)