Trademarks, Patents and Models

In collaboration with specialized IP Attorneys (entitled to act before domestic and foreign IP Authorities in various Jurisdictions), BBPLegal is at the service of companies to assist in the following issues.


  • priority searches and avoid conflicts with already existing patents;
  • analyze projects and verify that they comply with the requirements for issuing the patent;
  • draft the technical documentation for filing the application;
  • provide relevant responses to possible objections from competent authorities during the examination phase.

After the patent has been granted, together with us you can:

  • implement anti-counterfeiting strategies;
  • propose any geographical extensions of patent rights;
  • monitor the deadlines for the payment of government concession fees;
  • manage the patent portfolio of its customers by taking care of the economic and contractual aspects of the transfer or license agreements.


  • evaluations of trademark registrability and verification of essential requirements;
  • priority search for identity and similarity against the risk of interference with existing brands;
  • management of practices for the registration of national, community and international trademarks;
  • consultancy on the registration and use of individual and collective trademarks.

Following the filing of the registration application, we assist our customers through:

  • the effective defense of the trademark, activating surveillance services to identify in advance the attempts to register the same or similar trademarks or in any case potentially in conflict;
  • opinions on the extension of territorial protection areas or by product classes;
  • management of the brand portfolio (renewals, transcriptions of deeds, annotations and changes);
  • legal assistance for sale, license, merchandising contracts and any disputes.


Our firm also offers specialized consultancy to conduct:

  • checks on the presence of the requirements for the registration of a design or model;
  • priority searches to avoid confusion with already widespread designs or models;
  • management of practices for the registration of national, community and international designs;
  • instruction of procedures relating to multiple deposits.

Once the registration application has been filed, we take care of protecting designs and models through:

  • the management of the five-year renewals of exclusive rights;
    technical-legal assistance on assignment and license agreements;
    legal assistance in the event of disputes.

Our firm also follows the tax and legal aspects of intellectual property rights transactions such as the trademark assessment service that allows you to determine the economic value of the brand, any due diligence and contracts regarding the transfer of technology and licenses.