Steelone acquires Acquastop: Layer Monthly interviews BBPLegal

In recent months, BBPLegal has assisted Acquastop S.r.l., a SME from the Pisa area active in the production and sale of bulkheads and anti-flooding systems, on its sale to Steelone S.r.l.
Acquastop thus joins the five companies already operating under Steelone.

In this article you can read the interview that Lawyer Monthly, a well-known website of news and monthly publications in the legal world from all over the world, conducted with lawyers Giampaolo Benedetti Pearson and Marika Bruno.
In the interview, the lawyers explain what were the most complex problems to face and resolve in the transaction for the sale of Acquastop S.r.l.

he BBPLegal team drafted the agreements to transfer the ownership of the intellectual property rights in the name of the buyer.

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