The legal firm BbpLegal, owned and directed by Lawyers Marika Bruno and Giampaolo Benedetti Pearson, provides assistance and advice on all aspects related to the protection of Industrial Property in accordance with all relative Codes, Community Laws and International Conventions, with particular reference to the management of problems relating to the legality of trade marks, the rights of their owners and the protection of geographical indications and designations of origin.

Bbp Legal are experienced in Internet matters addressing issues related to the development and management of web portals and sites of e-commerce including, for example, providing the necessary legal statements, drafting privacy policies, dealing with issues related to the management and exploitation of trademarks and name domains as well as those relating to blogs and online publishing.

BbpLegal also provide expert bilingual assistance in Italian and English in drafting and signing national and international contracts and their subsequent execution. BbpLegal operate in Italy and other EU and non-EU countries thanks to their network of trusted international professionals.

BbpLegal’s mission is to support entrepreneurs in their daily activities, sharing their objectives and providing assistance tailored to their specific needs. All services offered aim at arriving at the most convenient solution for the client and avoiding where possible legal proceedings.

Avv. Marika Bruno

Founder of BBP Legal

Avv. Giampaolo Benedetti Pearson

Founder of BBP Legal