In order to guarantee its clients integrated assistance in the various areas of law, the BBPLegal law firm has established a relationship of collaboration and partnership with Tax Law Firm, a law firm specializing in all areas of tax law.


Tax Law Firm is a dynamic and independent reality born with the aim of a group of young professionals to create a boutique capable of offering professional excellence in the individual areas of specialization of tax law.

The Firm, with offices in Milan and Naples, is made up of chartered accountants and lawyers who, in the context of their respective previous work experiences, have acquired a consolidated preparation in the panorama of assistance in tax matters, provided to Italian and foreign companies. who invest and operate in our territory.
The firm’s activity is characterized by the continuous search for excellence which, combined with a pragmatic spirit, allows us to devote “tailor-made” attention to the needs of customers, based on the careful analysis of individual cases and the consequent search for solutions. more consistent with the objectives pursued.