It is possible to book a first meeting, free of charge, with one of the Professionals of the firm by filling out the form on the website, which aims to:

  • allow mutual understanding to establish the necessary trust relationship;
  • understand the issue from the legal point of view;
  • check whether such area of expertise is part of the Firm’s skills;
  • where possible, provide a quotation required for the assistance requested.


How does the first meeting work?
• It’s free.
• It takes place at the Firm’s premises or directly at the Customer’s premises and lasts approximately 30 minutes.
• The meeting is lead by the Professional specified by the Customer at the time of filling in the contact form.
• The Professional collects information on the question asked and assesses the possibilities available to the customer.
• Upon completion of the meeting, if possible, a quotation for the assistance requested will be provided (alternatively via email within a couple of days). At that point, the Customer will decide whether to hire the Professional.

When is the meeting?
• The Customer proposes a date and time for the meeting, to be confirmed by the Professional. In case of unavailability for the date or time required, the latter will propose an alternative date and time to be confirmed by the Customer.

  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY